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We wrote a book. It’s called PhiLOLZophy: Critical Thinking in Digestible Doses. You can buy it on Amazon or the iBookstore.

If you’re not that familiar with PhiLOLZophy, here’s a description: A popular question in philosophy is “How do I know I exist?” That seems really boring though. How about, “How can I use logic to get over my ex?” If you really love wisdom, you love it in all situations — you don’t need to be spoonfed unsolved problems in philosophy, because you’re already analyzing the US Weekly you’re reading or your kinda significant other. Sarah Heuer and Chrissy Stockton are writers living in Minneapolis who are determined to do something more interesting with their philosophy degrees than talk about dead white guys. PhiLOLZophy: Critical Thinking in Digestible Doses helps its readers think critically about vodka, religion and sex — proving that brains do have more fun.

If you are familiar with us, first of all thank you. Second, we wanted to write something you guys haven’t read before, even if you follow our blog. This isn’t a best-of or a collection of essays. This is the story of PhiLOLZophy from start to finish.

More than making funny jokes or ranting about my love life, writing this blog has been a deeply spiritual experience. It feels like no one else on the planet writes about philosophy like this, which makes people who have a heart and a brain feel like fucking aliens. It shouldn’t make you feel weird, it should feel like the most natural thing in the world to use all the parts of yourself to think about stuff. Typically when people try to do philosophy for non-philosophers they end up with Philosophy of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I. Which is contrived and still has nothing to do with reality. We’ve never tried to dumb philosophy down, we’re trying to say it’s okay to be a person who thinks about philosophy and likes Ke$ha.

I think people who are very smart are afraid to admit they also have a life and exist in a human body and aren’t robots who only make decisions based on logic. If you’re both of these things, we wrote this for you.

S/O to Thought Catalog, who produced this for us, Amazon for liking it enough to make it a single and Brad Surcey who designed this bomb ass cover. XOXO.

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